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About PRO Unlimited

PRO Unlimited helps large corporations hire and deploy highly qualified teams for a temporary need.  They make the sourcing, vetting, and managing of those teams painless for those that work with them.

Challenge: Evaluate and repair a complex digital marketing ecosystem.

  • PRO had many facets to their digital marketing campaigns in place, but they were all in an incomplete state of control and configuration.

  • They needed to get a solid foundation of health applied to all of their digital marketing tools, including their Adwords Campaigns, Wordpress Website, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and their Social properties.

  • Moving forward they needed a plan to follow in order to attain their year over year goals.

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Responsive Website
responsive websites
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responsive email
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mobile apps
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design & ux
Digital Strategy
digital strategy
Agency Buddy
agency buddy


The initial Discovery for PRO Unlimited was an exhaustive audit of all of their digital marketing tools.  All Ears analyzed every facet of their digital marketing tools, looking to for the following concerns;  

  • How accurate and complete are each of the tools configured and implemented.

  • Are the tools laddering to the operational goals of the company

  • Are there foundational problems or concerns with the direction in place of each of the tools

The result of this audit was an comprehensive report that detailed the state of the digital nation for PRO Unlimited.  It provided a thorough overview of how every tool was working and what wasn't, and then provided meaningful recommendations on how to properly move all of these tools into perfect alignment for their marketing goals.


All Ears jumped in and began reconfiguring and repairing all of PRO's digital properties. We systematically healed dozens of problems with their core Wordpress website that were resulting in bad organic SEO performance, poor mobile functionality, and possible site security risks.  

We repaired their Google Search Console by correcting its configuration optimizing it to the PRO marketing goals. Google Analytics were also tightened and optimized, refining its configuration and set up and implementing proper site goals.  Reports now are accurate and on target.

Lastly we optimized their Adwords campaign against their consumer personas, and their primary competitive landscape.  This was the core of PRO's concern and we managed to exceed their target goals in a much shorter time than expected.  Within two months of the engagement we've reduced their overall ad spend and increased their traffic vs. their primary competitor by 8x.

Technologies used

All Ears continually provided expertise and recommendations to consider before making a final decision. More importantly, they took the time to explain why things were happening and what we could do to positively impact our digital environment. Lastly, they have been available for follow up questions post-project, which has been invaluable. All Ears has provided above and beyond service to our company and we hope to work again with them in the future.

— Christian Barbato, PRO Unlimited Inc.

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